Who is the best person to rely on to get you training and keeping fit? You friends? Your trainer?

No: it’s YOU.

Think about it: the only individual who can be guaranteed upon to be there every morning, every evening, every weekend is YOU.

Now, who’s the best person who can encourage you to keep up with exercise and personal fitness?

Aah… now that’s a different answer!

Those who do not find time for exercise now will have to find time for illness.
– The Earl of Derby, 1873

It’s not The Earl of Derby, either. But he has the right idea: act now, or pay for bad decisions later.

You have already made a great choice by considering Personal Training to better yourself, now take that and add friends and professional Trainers, and you can get your fitness game on!

On my Personal Training blog, I want to spotlight different options to help you meet your fitness goals, and I want to hear from you so we can all work onwards and upwards TOGETHER.

Leave comments, send emails, but please read and don’t stop training.

…And the answer? I think it’s “US”!